The Design Brief .01

Graphic Design interventions


The design question:

How can we encourage staff, students, public to engage with the river and surrounding area. Might a greater understanding of biodiversity result in a greater desire to protect and enhance their environment?

Aim to raise awareness and improve engagement with users of the riverside

Insight to qualify this question

Hogsmill River adjacent to Middle Mill and Knights Park is vulnerable to litter and pollution from nearby activities, which have the potential to harm wildlife, and public water supply. Of particular concern are the highly polluting arts activities that take place on the river bank (e.g. concrete making and spray painting), and litter arising from the bar and halls of residence, e.g. plastic glasses and cans.

What I’ve found

Although the greater problem is with the drains and sewage overflow into the river, students and users can benefit from better communications to help raise awareness about the surrounding biodiversity. The river bank is an ongoing project, however, The Sustainability Hub have no clear communication of this work.

Why this problem occurs

Users feed the ducks bread, causing ducks to get bloated on poor nutrition, also left overs increased algae which is unsafe for their habitat. Even though this has been identified by KU Biodiversity group, no signage has been installed.

Why its critical to do something

Protecting the biosphere is crucial for sustainable living, nature plays a key role in human health and well-being. Unfortunately beautiful green spaces are at risk as new buildings and factories get built. Species are becoming extinct and our clean water supply is at risk.

By raising awareness of the biodiversity, birds, trees, fish, riverfly… Will this encourage users to protect the environment?

The Who

I will be designing a series of graphic interventions to provide information to help nudge and remind users.

Aimed at student and potentially parent and children that use the shared bridge.

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